Bad Tattoos


I was playing around the other night on twitter.  I came across a rather interesting account.

Bad tattoos.

It had pictures.  Lots of pictures.

Oh my.

I think I woke Kristy with my loud laughs.

Some of the pictures where just plain funny.

All of them were appalling.

After laughing I began to think, “what were these people thinking!?”

Upon further review I could see that many of the people who had the bad tattoos were thinking, “what was I thinking!?”

To be sure you can get a bad tattoo removed, but it’s going to leave a mark.  The skin is disfigured permanantly.  Either with the bad tattoo or the ensuing scars that come with the effort to remove it.

A lot of people think their bad choices (i.e. sins) are like bad tattoos.

They leave you marred forever.  Oh sure you might work hard to remove the sin, but the scars remain.

And many think this is how the God of the Bible views us sinful critters.

Stained or scarred.

Or worse.


But I want to tell you something.  So you better listen.  Open your ears to hear while your eyes take in these words.

The God revealed in the Bible does not hold our poor choices and sin against us!  He does not see us as marred forever because of our stupid mistakes!

In fact the opposite is true!

(I realize I just finished the last 3 sentences with exclamation marks and thus am at risk of being compared to a middle school girl. But I am excited about the truths those sentences contain!!  So I don’t care!!!)

The Bible says, “if anyone is in Christ they are a new creation.  The old is gone.  See everything is new.”