“You should pay me to have my son on your team! He is going to the league.”

That’s what she told me after our first game. I coach 8th grade basketball at Maple Street Middle School and her son is on the team.

She was dead serious.

“You should pay me to have my son on your team! He is going to the league.”

I was speechless. Had no clue what to say.

In her defense her son did score 17 points.

Yet it was on the B Team against the one of the worst teams in the league.

As I already noted – I was speechless.

What do you say to a mother who is absolutely convinced that her son (remember we’re talking 8th grade B Team here) is the second coming of LeBron-Kobe-Michael?

I was speechless.

A question for you: Was she simply a delusional parent or was she reflecting the heart of God being made in his image?

Upon further review I think it’s more of the later.

Think about it.

There is this parent who only sees her son as a star with tremendous potential.

Others may see a B Team player, she sees pure awesomeness.

Others may see a normal kid, with nothing special about him, she sees greatness in his future.

This, my friends is how God sees us. He sees us with enormous potential, as pure awesomeness, with greatness in our future.


He believes in us.


He believes in you!


Sure she might have been a bit delusional.

But she was like God.




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