Discipleship at The River begins with knowing our values and knowing yourself.

1. Start with the Grow Tool

By using The River’s Grow Tool, you will be able to start to understand where you are in knowing God, and knowing yourself.

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2. View Your Personalized Results

Your results will let you know if you are a Seed, Root, or Tree. Read through to see how far along you are in your Discipleship journey.

3. Growth Opportunities

View the Seed, Root, and Tree growth opportunities that will help move you to another level in your spiritual growth.

Go: Community Opportunities.

Know: Resources (Books and Bible References).

Grow: Spiritual Disciplines and Lifestyle Recommendations

4. Go, Know, Grow

Use the community groups, resources and spiritual disciplines outlined for you to see what God has in store for you.

Discipleship is a journey of following Jesus.

It doesn’t matter where you have been or how you get on this journey. What matters is that you begin and continue this process of following Jesus. Here at The River we value your discipleship.

Welcome to our discipleship tool. We want you to walk alongside you as you grow in your discipleship. And we have laid out a number of different ways you can celebrate your strengths and grow in areas where you are weak.

Join us in this journey, and let’s see where God takes us as we become disciples.

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If you want to learn more about discipleship at The River before jumping in, check out how we’re growing as a community.

View Growth Opportunities

Family Ministry

At The River, our desire is to come alongside parents in the discipleship of their children.
We provide opportunities for families to be empowered, equipped and encouraged in their faith, not just on Sunday morning, but throughout the week. Come grow with us!

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Students (6th–12th)

We exist not just for those who call The River their church home, but also for any kid, anywhere. We want to express love to God in creative and compelling ways, while sharing this love with each other.

We are a movement of youth, purposed to invade our families, schools, teams, bands, and friends with the love and hope of Jesus.

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Community Groups

One of the central ways we grow as disciples of Jesus is by having intentional relationships with people, people who want to know our God and people who want to become more like Him. We have many different shapes and sizes of community groups. Get in touch with us and we will help you find your place.

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Street Teams

We want to take the good news of Jesus across the street and around the world.These teams are devoted to going to where people are, meeting them, praying for them, and building relationships just like Jesus.

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We want to bring the good news of Jesus across the street and around the world. In Uganda, we have come alongside the village of Oditel to help hundreds of orphans surive, thrive, and succeed. We have developed great relationships with village leaders, poured training and encouragement into people who want to start businesses, all while helping a village sustain itself and care for its orphaned children. This village has become a part of our family. Want to get involved? Our work is not yet done here.

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The River has partnered with HopeChest once again to help students in Guatemala City though empowering education, and child sponsorship.

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Hope Project

The Hope Project is our ministry between The River and locals schools. We know that all students are created in the image of God and, thus, have great potential for success.

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Prayer Ministry

It is our desire that The River be a passionate people of prayer. We are a people devoted to creating a culture where prayer is central to everything we do, at the core of every ministry, office and function.

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Worship Ministry

We love worship. We believe that it is a crucial part of our drawing near to God. It is our unqualified response to Him. We worship because we can’t help it…we are madly in love with The Creator, and this is what happens.

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Would you like to serve?

There are many ways to serve at The River. You can volunteer in the nursery, help on the parking team, get people connected on the connections team, join the safety team along with many others.