It happens every time.

Every time Dori goes away for any length of time, Gertie gets deathly sick. (Dori is one of the pastors here at The River. Gertie is her dog.)

I’ve seen it at least twice. The River Staff has been away at a conference for a week and Dori’s husband calls to say Gertie is sicker than a dog and probably won’t make it. This happened most recently last week while the pastoral staff was in Dallas. Chris, Dori’s husband, called to say they were doing all they could to keep Gertie alive long enough for Dori to get home to say good-bye.

After we had been home for a day or two I texted Dori to check on her four-legged pal. I was shocked to hear that Gertie was as fine as a frog’s hair. Her brush with death was a thing of the past and she was back to barking happily (Gertie that is, not Dori. Dori doesn’t bark).

I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been. This has happened before. Dori told me this was at least the fifth time it has happened. I’ve witnessed it first hand twice.

So now, Gertie is fine.

She is reconnected to her master and all is well.

Connected to the master. All is well.

Separation from the master, sickness ensues.

There is a God in heaven who has made us for intimacy with Him. Unlike Dori and her dog, He will never leave us. It is us who leave Him – and sickness ensues (I’m not really talking physical sickness. Rather I’m talking emotional, spiritual, soul sickness.)

God would love for Gertie’s story to bring you back into closeness with Him.

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