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How to get involved

The Hope Project is a partnership between The River Church and local schools. We know that academic success profoundly impacts the life of a student and the overall community of which they are a part. The Hope Project is about supporting our students, teachers and schools in the difficult and important work that they are doing. There are lots of ways for you get involved.


Do life with a student at a local school and become a Tutor. You will volunteer for 1 hour per week or 40 hours per year. Or maybe become a lunch buddy, and volunteer about 30 minutes per week or 20 hours per year. You can even become a Big Brother or Sister! This will take about 2 hours bi-weekly or 48 hours per year.


Creatively pour out God’s love on the teachers and staff of local schools by baking treats for staff, coaching your favorite sport, or donating peanut free granola bars throughout the year.


Pray that God’s blessings would rain down on our local schools through higher attendance, higher achievement, and staff unity. Pray at 3:33 pm each day for students, staff, and families.