My Dog Stinks


Barkly Stinks.


And he weighs 162 pounds.  That’s a lot of dog to smell bad.  Trust me his malodor fills up a room.

The bummer is I have tried so hard to get him stink-free.  I bathe him each week.  I have bought the top of the line dog shampoo.  I have invested in a doggie blow dryer to dry him to keep the wet dog smell away.  I’lve even taken him to the vet to see if there was a medical reason explaining why he stinks.  I’ve tried everything to get him clean.   But I just can’t do it.

Can’t keep that dog unsmelly.

I realize I need Cameo.  She’s Barkly’s former groomer.   A professional trained in the art of keeping big dogs smell free.  I don’t know how she does it, but when I take my stinky pooch to her he comes back smelling clean as a whistle.

Here’s a parallel:

Our sin is like Barkly’s stink.  We try and try to get rid of it on our own.  We go to church regularly hoping that effort will remove the stink.  We buy the best religious  books in effort to find enlightenment.  We even have gone to professional religious types toremove that wet sinner smell.

And none of it works.

We still stink.

We need a spiritual Cameo.

His name is Jesus.

He’s a professional trained at ridding us of that stinky sin smell.  In fact he is so good at that, the Bible says he makes anyone (yes anyone!) who calls on him new.

Yes new.

Brand New!

Brand spanking new.

The old stinky smell of our stupidity is gone!

So here’ls the deal.  Quit trying to deal with your sin on your own.

That ain’t gonna work.

Call Jesus instead

Rob Link
Lead Pastor