No Favorites


My boys and I had a chat the other day (Jake – 15, Max – 13, and Zeke – 11).  I had heard the older boys joking around with Zeke saying he is “dad’s favorite.”

I had to set ‘em straight on a couple things.

Firstly – I have no favorites when it comes to my boys (or the girls for that matter, we have two).  There is an overwhelming sense of love and enjoyment that I feel for each of Kristy’s and my 5 kids.

Secondly – I totally see how the older two could have drawn that conclusion.  Why?  Because I spend more time with Zeke than I do with Jake or Max.

Not my choice.  Theirs.

Zeke chooses to spend time with me a majority of the time when the opportunity presents itself.

Jake and Max don’t.

Understandably and even naturally the older two are busier with extracurricular activities.  Zeke hasn’t yet entered the arena of school sports.

But that isn’t the only thing that shortens their time with their dear old dad.

When they have free time, they choose more often than not to hang with their friends.  Nothing wrong with that.  They have some great friends.

Yet, the down side is they have less time to be with me.  Which means they don’t get the benefit of being in my presence.

Sounds a bit pretentious to say that simply being in my presence has benefit.  But it is true.

When the boys (and the girls) hang with me they get to encounter things that they wouldn’t other wise.  Blessings if you will.  Trips to the movie’s, a visit to Circle K for a 73 cent polar pop, dog park with Barkly, talking and processing school, singing along to 80’s metal (OK so this one is debatable as to whether or not it is a benefit), and generally growing deeper intimacy in our father/child relationship.

I see a parallel.

Jesus revealed God as Abba when he taught his disciples to pray.


Aramaic for dad.


Like me with my boys, Abba shows no favoritism.

None what-so-ever.

Yet it appears that way as some seem to receive more divine blessings than others.

Here’s why that is:  some people choose to spend time with Abba while others don’t.

There are benefits and blessings that come along with getting in The Fathers presence.

Those benefits and blessings are for all who would choose to spend time with Him.

I recommend you get yourself some of those benefits.