Today’s Guest Blogger, Dori Beltz, is the Generational Discipleship Pastor at The River.


Those of you who know me, know I have a big heart for dogs, especially puppies.

As a family, we stumbled into becoming a “foster home” for rescue dogs after adopting Gertie from the pound and seeing the unforgettable need. We are now on #90 and #91 in a long line of furry foster friends. Fostering dogs has become part of my family’s “story”…

We’ve experienced:

piles of puppy barf

countless nights of maddening yapping

puppy. breath. (some people hate it)

fleas and worms

the aftermath of doggy-delivery (don’t visualize this)

the heartbreak of a stillborn, lifeless pup

so much mushy puppy poo, it would make your head spin

the sad reality of what a dog has endured in life


We’ve also experienced:

millions of puppy licks

countless days of happy yipping

puppy. breath. (some people love it)

snuggles and sighs

the unforgettable bond with a pregnant mama dog, rescued off the streets

the miraculous delivery of 4 litters of puppies

so much tail-wagging, it would make your head spin

the amazing reality of what a dog has to look forward to in life


Some people think we’re crazy. Some days I would agree.

Our commitment to fostering is not always pretty nor enjoyable.

But this is one powerful way that we see God’s story unfold in our home

again and again. It is worth it.

A messy, wounded little life becomes something new. Something

promising. Something amazing.

Who or what might God be calling you to invest in? This world needs you. Your story can become an even greater one by inviting another character

into it.

Make your story part of His story.



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