Today’s Guest Blogger is Brian Fraaza. He is the Worship and Administrative Pastor at The River.

I like cycling. It’s sort of a recent hobby. I picked it up a couple years ago because a lot of my friends do it and because my knees couldn’t handle my former fitness pursuits. I’d like to tell you that I do it because it frees my mind or gives me space to process, or even that I do it because I really want to wear spandex in a socially acceptable manner. The truth is I really like pizza and ice cream, and if I didn’t cycle, I would either have to find something else to burn calories, or buy a new, oversized recliner. Recliners are expensive.
Last week I was out on a ride. I was about 15 miles into a planned 30 mile ride when I heard the distinctive popping sound of a breaking spoke. Now, if you ride bikes long enough, I’m told that this will happen to you. It isn’t uncommon. Me being fairly new to the sport and all, this was my first time.
I disconnected my brake on the rear wheel (where the broken spoke resided) and tried to ride home. I didn’t make it 10 feet. The one broken spoke (out of 24) caused the entire wheel to go so badly out of alignment that it was impossible to ride. The wheel was moving so dramatically from side to side that it was hitting the frame of the bike on every revolution. I was stuck. I ended up having to call my wife, who was gracious enough to load up 3 kids and come rescue me. Because of one spoke.
I believe life is about balance. I’ve found that there are areas that I need to have in balance in order to be a healthy person. If I’m sleeping enough and eating healthy but neglecting my intimacy with Jesus, I can quickly become a selfish, angry dude. If I’m spending time with Jesus, but eating nothing but the aforementioned pizza and ice cream, I quickly get depressed and lethargic. If I am working hard and producing consistently in my professional life, but I am not pouring into my family I get very distant and irritable when I’m at home. Balance.
I don’t know exactly how many spokes I have, but I do know that if I don’t tend to them all and keep them in balance things can get very wobbly.
Now, excuse me while I go change into my spandex.

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