The Value Of Friends


A couple weeks ago I blogged a blog titled “Bad Tattoos.”  I thought it was alright and was excited to get it out into your hands.  Yet to be honest what I was most excited about was sharing some visual examples of bad tattoos.  There were two in particular that made me laugh out loud.  They were clearly in bad taste (that’s what made them funny) yet I felt like they weren’t too inappropriate to share.

I was a bit shocked when everyone at work saw them and said there is no way we could post them on The River website.



Yet they all laughed

And they still had no doubt.  We were not going to use the pictures I chose.

I was mildly disappointed yet acquiesced none the less.  The replacement pictures of bad tattoos were much more tame.

Since then I have shown the two pictures to several people.  Two things have become apparent.

1.  The pictures are funny.

2.  There is no way they should be used on our web site.

Turns out my friends at church saved me from crossing a line I shouldn’t cross.

Thanks friends.

I think this is why God said that it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone.  Or in another place “Two are better than one.”  I was reminded with my poor choice photos that we were meant to live in community.

Friends make us better.

I remember a few years ago when my depression was getting the best of me.  Two of my closest friends responded to a call from my wife, Kristy, and came and dragged me out of my basement and my stupor and made me walk the disc golf course with disc in hand. It was just what I needed.

I’m thinking of the two couples Kristy and I hang out with regularly, the Lukes and the Resh’s.  Without question our marriage is richer, stronger, deeper, freer, and more solid because of them.

I’m recalling my days back in seminary and how I felt like a fish out of water – until I met my pal Mike.  I’m not sure how I could have made it through those three years with out his companionship.





Life is simply better with friends.