Let us tell you a little bit about why The River exists…


1You simply have a place to belong. It is a natural human need that all of us have to find a place of community. Where we can simply be without expectations to perform or behave in a certain way. We exist so that you have a place to belong.


2So that you can believe in Jesus. Believe in who He said He was—that He is the Son of God—sent to take away the sins of the world. So that we may have abundant life. You see Jesus is about us having freedom and abundance in life.


3So that you can become all He intended you to be. When you become a Christ follower, He doesn’t expect you to be something entirely different by way of wiring and nature. God made you before you were even born in a certain way, and when you become a follower of Christ, that just becomes more free and more fully who you already have been. Just free from the junk of life.