There are many different ways for you to contribute and invest in the work of the Kingdom

What does giving look like?

At The River, we believe giving is a joyous occasion so we chose to call our offering container the ‘Joy Box’.  Most Sundays, when the Joy Box is mentioned from the stage, you’ll hear a bunch of people shout “Heart!”  That’s because generosity, at its core, is a heart thing.  2 Corinthians 9:7 says, “You must decide in your heart how much to give. Don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”  We invite you to join us in pursuit of living an open-handed, generous life, joyfully sharing what we have with others.


We value your generosity – your financial gifts make ministry possible! Expanding the work of the Church by helping those who are in need within our community and across the World! There are many different ways to invest and contribute towards the work of the Kingdom, whether that is serving your time or monetary- We would like to thank you!

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Where You Can Volunteer


Have a passion for caring and teaching our ever-growing family at The River? The Nursery is a positive environment, with trained and screened volunteers. Ready to jump in and help?


Looking for a little more adventure in your life? Volunteer with our RiverKids ministry to help elementary children get to know Jesus, learn the Bible, and grow in relationship with each other.

River Students

Our students are high energy, have short attention spans, and big hearts. If you can be silly, meet them where they are at, and help you will fit right in.

Counting Team

Are you good with numbers and have some time to spare after service? The Counting Team might be a great way for you to help out!

Worship and Tech

We at The River love music, and whether you’re a musician with a deep desire for worship or a tech-y person who likes to work behind the scenes with detailed excellence, we would love to have you come join our team!


Do you love meeting new people and making a place feel like home? On the Hospitality Team you will be shaking hands, making coffee, connecting people to The River, and generally just being a friendly face on Sunday mornings.

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