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Belong. Believe. Become.

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Sundays  10am

Come as you are

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517 Walbridge Street
Downtown Kalamazoo
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 Available parking all around the building.
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First Time?

At The River, we want you to feel right at home as we spend our Sunday mornings together.  We don’t dress fancy for church, so don’t feel like you need to either.  You can park in our parking lot or across the street in a local business’ lot, we have an arrangement with them. Our greeters are some of our friendliest folks and will greet you at the door and as you enter the church. Our Lobby is where you can find freshly brewed coffee, bathrooms, and see what kinds of things are going on at the church! If you have kiddos, that’s also where you can check them in for the nursery or RiverKids – they’re gonna love it.

Here’s what to expect…

As for the service, our music might get a little loud, and we hope you connect with it in a deep, meaningful way.  We’ll spend time worshiping together and learning about Jesus and the Word in a casual and relational way.  Feel free to interact and engage with the sermon! We love to hear your clapping, laughter, ‘halleluiah’s and ‘Amen’s !  And once your Sunday morning is all wrapped up, you might notice that a bunch of people just don’t want to leave yet.  We’re building a culture where everyone feels like they belong, and we hope you do too. See ya Sunday!

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You simply have a place to belong. It is a natural human need that all of us have to find a place of community. Where we can simply be without expectations to perform or behave in a certain way. We exist so that you have a place to belong…


…so that you can believe in Jesus.  Believe He is who He said He was – the Son of God, who rescues us from our mistakes and terrible ideas and makes a way for us to live an abundant life, full of grace and freedom…


…so that you can become all He intended you to be. When you become a Christ follower, He doesn’t expect you to be something entirely different by way of wiring and nature. When you become a follower of Christ, you become more free and more fully who you already are.

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