How We Communicate

We use media to express our worship, spread the Gospel, and stay connected with our members.

Recent Sermon Series

In 2020, we started the process of transferring to livestream so that we could be available to you wherever you are! Our YouTube channel contains all videos and sermons recorded during that time and is also where you can revisit any of our current sermons!

Archived Sermons

All our sermon series before 2020 are archived in audio form. Feel free to revisit and listen to them at any time! They are great to listen to while driving or while you are out on a run!

Follow our Spotify playlist for River Worship!

It is called 'Sundays @ The River Kzoo' and it contains all published songs we have used in worship and will be kept up to date with any new songs we do! This is a great way to bring worship into your week whether you are people watching, running, driving somewhere, or just trying to figure out the name to that song from Sunday morning that is stuck in your head!
Worship isn't just for Sundays, it's for every aspect of our lives and we hope this helps encourage you to worship anywhere and everywhere!