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Barkley’s Blog: Puppies and Slugs

By October 21, 2021November 4th, 2021No Comments

When I was a puppy, my hooman and I would often go for long walks. It was clear to both of us that most people like puppies. Each walk was prolonged by people wanting to pet me. (I kinda understand. In all humility I say I was a cute, fluffy puppy.)People like puppies. Contrastingly, I noticed that people do not like slugs. We were walking one day shortly after some rain. The slugs were out in force all over the side walks. People were avoiding them with parkour skill all the while make funny noises like, “ew,” or “ugh.” People don’t like slugs. My hooman told me that many people think God views them like slugs, but in reality he sees them like puppies. That’s kinda sweet. You might not be cute nor fluffy but God really likes you.