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Biblical Heroes- Steven

By June 28, 2021July 12th, 2021No Comments

He was the first of his kind. He was the first Christian martyr – the first ever to die for Jesus.(I can hear some of you even as I type saying, “no he wasn’t Jesus was!” If that is what your thinking – you’d be wrong, Jesus didn’t die for Jesus. Jesus died for us. 🙂) He was so in love with Jesus because he knew Jesus was so in love with him (see the sentence above 🙂) that he would lay down his life to tell people of how awesome Jesus is. I doubt I’ll have to lay down my life to speak of Jesus. But I might have to be inconvenienced in some other, much less dangerous way. I want to be like Steven who said, “no matter the cost, I will tell the world about the wonderful Jesus!”