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According to Wikipedia, Omnipresence defined is ubiquity; the property of being present anywhere and everywhere. (Now I know Wikipedia ought not be used an an authoritative source. I just wanted to incorporate the word ubiquity in something I’ve written for once in my life.)According to Merriam-Webster (a much more reliable source) omnipresence is defined this way, “present in all places at all times.” Either way, Merriam-Webster or Wikipedia they both give us a definition of one of God’s essential characteristics. In short, God is always present. Always. In your darkest moment – God is there. In your most joyful moments – God is there. Happy, sad, mad, peaceful, anxious, depressed, joyful – God is there. Obedient or disobedient – God is there. His presence in your life has nothing to do with your actions. It has everything to do with his nature. God is with you.