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Barkly’s Bible Buddies- Love that Dove

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Love That Dove

Of all the animals in the Bible I love I might just love the dove above all others that I love. Do you know the dove? It’s the one that brought Noah an olive leaf, letting Noah know God makes a covenant (a promise, an agreement, a vow) with Noah (and all people who came after him) and all of creation (including Newfies like me!). The olive branch was a sign of a new peace on earth, an end to the day of judgement, a day of new life. Thus, I love the dove. ‘So Noah waited seven more days and sent out the dove from the ark again. When the dove came to him at evening, there was a plucked olive leaf in her beak. So Noah knew that the water on the earth’s surface had gone down. After he had waited another seven days, he sent out the dove, but she did not return to him again. ‘Genesis 8:10-12