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Barkly on Baptism

By August 26, 2021August 31st, 2021No Comments

I can trust you with a secret that is a little embarrassment. I trust that you won’t make fun of me. I trust you will understand. Here’s the secret: after I go swimming my fur stinks. Really bad. Peee yew! Fortunately, my hoomans know just want to do. They give me a bath. And the stink is gone. My hooman, Rob, was explaining Jesus to someone in our office the other day. He said, “sin is stinky. It permeates all our being. Fortunately, Jesus has the perfect soap and shampoo that cleanses us from that stink. His grace and mercy are just what we need to rid ourselves of the stink of sin.” That reminded me of my fur after swimming and my bath. He went on to share with our guest, “Baptism is the symbol of that cleansing that we find in Jesus. Baptism is a powerful sign of the cleansing work Jesus does in the lives of all who follow and surrender to him.” He told the visitor that there is no need to be embarrassed – all stink without Jesus. He invited the fella to get baptized, this coming Sunday. I think I might join him and jump on in the baptism tub. You can join us too if you want.