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By July 22, 2021No Comments

Lions In a Den

Hello everybody. As I think on all of my fellow four-legged and fury counterparts in the Bible, there are many that I admire. Balaam’s donkey. Mary and Joseph’s donkey. Several sheep. And some camels and cows to name a few. Yet there is one group of four legged and fury critters that downright scare me. Whereas this ole dog would love to hang with the first group, the second group I would run from as fast as my newfy paws could take me. I’m talking about the lions who lived in the den where Daniel was thrown. Their sole purpose in life was to live in this pit and eat everyone that the king threw in. Oh my. Or better said – Yikes. And they were quite good at their job. Until they had an encounter with the Living God! When Daniel was thrown in, they licked their lips for a tasty snack had just fallen in their laps. But instead of chowing down they laid down. And left him alone. An angel of the Lord had shut their mouths