Since I’m a four-legged critter I usually find myself rooting for the quadrupeds in the Bible stories my hooman reads to me. Usually. Not always. This coupled with my love of bacon (nothing can make me drool more than some crispy bacon crumbled on top of my kibble – yum!), would lead you to think I’d be rooting for the pigs in the story found in Matt. 8. Some demons were haunting and torturing these two guys. Jesus showed up and set the men free, casting the demons into…… a herd of pigs! Oink. The herd rushed off a cliff, fell into the water, and died. The story tells us of the people of the village being upset that the pigs died. Due to my affinity for the four-legged and bacon, you would think I would agree with the people in the story. But you’d be wrong. It is a bummer that the people lost their pig herd and that the pigs lost their lives. Yet it is more amazing that two fellas who had been oppressed forever had found freedom in Jesus! They were haunted no more. They were free and in their right minds. Their freedom cost the villagers something. My hooman told me that others freedom is costly, but it’s a cost worth paying. People are worth more than pigs. Are you willing to pay that cost for someone? PS Here’s a picture of my piggy friend Anna