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Where’s The Hell?

By October 12, 2021October 19th, 2021No Comments

The dude possessed by a boat load of demons…The lady stuck in her shame over her multiple failed relationships…Peter’s shameful denials – all 3 of them…Zacchaeus (that conniving little…)…The woman about to be killed for her adulterous choices (where was the dude?!)…The dead daughter…The bleeding woman…The 10 lepers…The blind dude…That guy who couldn’t walk and was lowered through the roof…The list goes on and on. This is only a small sampling. Wherever there was pain and suffering – hell on earth, Jesus went there. Jesus went there. And brought heaven. Did you know that the term, “Christian” means “little Christ” or “copier of Christ”? Don’t be afraid of hell on earth. Rather ask the question, “where’s the hell?” And go there. And bring heaven with you.